Petroleum Jelly: 9 Magical Ways It Can Help Your Skin And Hair

Petroleum Jelly: 9 Magical Ways It Can Help Your Skin And Hair

If there’s one magical ingredient in your beauty closet that you can resort to anytime, anywhere, it is definitely petroleum jelly. It is made with a mixture of mineral oils and waxes, and is semisolid jelly-like substance. From healing wounds and burns to preventing diaper rashes and moisturising the skin naturally, petroleum jelly is undoubtedly magical, as Dr Kiran Lohia agrees. She took to Instagram to talk about benefits of petroleum jelly and why it must be in everyone’s beauty closets.

Petroleum jelly usesĀ for skin and hair

1. If you are going swimming, apply petroleum jelly all over your body and it will effectively help in preventing dryness.

2. In case of any cuts and wounds, applying petroleum jelly on it twice can be beneficial in healing it quickly.


Petroleum jelly can aid quicker healing of wounds
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3. Dryness on face can be effectively dealt with by applying petroleum jelly on face.

4. If you have eczema, petroleum jelly can help in preventing flares and also reduce your tendency of developing eczema.

This is a name for several forms of swelling of the skin. We also call it “dermatitis.” In many people it affects the cheeks, the insides of the elbows, or the skin behind the knees.

“Petroleum jelly prevents water from leaving the skin. It prevents transepidermal water loss by full 100%,” says Dr Kiran.

This simply means that the water in your skin stays inside and your skin remains hydrates, fresh and glowing.

She goes on to add that petroleum jelly is not carcinogenic at all. It is a safe beauty product to be applied on your skin. “Consider it as your magic ingredient for scrapes, cuts, dryness, pre-swimming cream, and much more,” she says.

Other benefits of petroleum jelly

1. Remove eye makeup

Petroleum jelly can be a good product for removing eye make-up. It has been found that petroleum jelly is safe to use in the eye area. You can remove eye make up by using a cotton pad with petroleum jelly on it. Use the one with a Q-tip for areas that are hard to reach. Do not close your eyes while wiping.

2. Prevent skin stains from hair dyes and nail polish

You can apply petroleum jelly on your hairline to prevent a stain from hair dye. This can also be helpful to prevent skin stains that occur while applying nail polish at home.

3. Can be used as a lubricant for stuck objects

Petroleum jelly can be helpful when you have a ring stuck on your finger, for door hinges, tight containers etc.

4. Prevent split ends

This might be a little difficult to believe but petroleum jelly can actually be helpful in preventing split ends and making your hair shinier. Exposure to sun, wind and even pool water can dry your hair and cause split ends. Just rub some petroleum jelly in your palms and apply on hair ends to prevent split ends.


Petroleum jelly can help in preventing split ends
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5. Moisturise you face, hands and much more

You can apply petroleum jelly after shower for moisturising skin, soak your feet in warm water with petroleum jelly for dealing cracked heels and help in smoothening chapped lips. You can also use it for dry noses during the cold or allergy season as well.

Hence proved! Petroleum jelly can do nearly everything under the sun.

Just be careful of a few things though:

1. Do a patch test to see if it suits you.

2. Make sure the jar in which you store petroleum jelly is clean and not contaminated.

3. Clean the skin properly before applying petroleum jelly to avoid clogged pores.

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