Marketers, the new breed

Image result for Marketers, the new breedThere’s no mistaking any more that we are living in a digital world. People, young and old, are handling both business and pleasure via some digital platform or device and they expect the experience to be tailored just for them.

Savvy marketers understand that this sea change has taken place and have begun to think of all marketing as digital or, at least, have a huge digital component. Marketing strategies and tactics must be conceived with the new digital nature of today’s audiences in mind. It is not a bolt-on or adjunct to some other marketing plan.

The answer is very simple that the marketing function has evolved drastically and what exactly marketers need to do is not to be ready for the digital marketing  and the innovations, but be ready to market in the digital-first world.

Today, hiring for marketers has changed completely in a way that CMOs are looking to hire people who are specialist in more than just one channel. The demand today is that the marketer must hold skills in social media, content creation and curation, brand evaluation and data.

As organization believes in this new method of marketing in the digital world, hiring the right kind of people is the key to success. We need to be highly picky about who we want to hire and invest more in the hiring processes. Finding the right digital marketer takes relationships and potentially the evolution of your job requirements. If you find someone that fits 50 per cent of the role while they also bring missing experience for other media expertise to the table, stick with them. Also, test agency contacts for direction (or for new team members), vendor resources, and actively use industry events to recruit.

In conclusion, marketing in a digital world is a three-step process. First, you have to reorganize your marketing team to ensure all silos have come down, enabling innovation within the organization by making it easy for marketers to collaborate. Second, you need to embrace the real-time spirit of consumers, who expect brands to interact with them in real time. And third, you need to hire the right people with a plethora of marketing and data analytical skills.