‘Fortnite’ Leak: Six New Skins, Including Some Of The Game’s Weirdest Yet


Yesterday’s Fortnite v9.10 patch brought with it a whole bunch of new data to mine, and mine those dataminers did. As ever, I turn to my favorite leaker, Lucas7Yoshi who has graced us with the revelation of a bunch of new skins headed to Fortnite soon, some possible as soon as today.

There are five new skins in total in this patch, some that are pretty neat, others than are some of the strangest I’ve ever seen in the game, and that’s saying something. I’m not sure if anything is ever going to top Fishstick, though.

We’ll start with the most normal ones:

Scimtar and Sandstorm (Rare)

These two are a male and female pair that are showing off Epic’s new Middle Eastern-based face design that has been promised for quite some time. Both will come with mask on and mask off styles, and are pretty solid entries for a Rare-tier skin. I’ll definitely be buying one of them, assuming they’re not in a pack.

Wilde (Starter Pack)

Speaking of packs, we have Wilde, the new seasonal Starter Pack skin that may even be available in the store by the time I publish this. Hopefully they’re not going to end up sued by Olivia Wilde. The skin is kind of a mish-mash of styles, glamor with the fur coat but with…spikes? It’s kind of all over the place, and honestly, probably one of the worst starter skins we’ve seen in a while, unfortunately.

Doggo (Unknown Rarity)

Not sure what rarity this monstrosity is going to be, but we’re definitely in the Fishstick level of weirdness here with a character that is not a guy in a dog costume, but instead a guy with a literal dog’s head on him, which apparently other dogs find fascinating. This is also this week’s loading screen, FYI. Eerie.

Bao Bros (Unknown Rarity)

And now we have yet another food-based skin joining the fray, and this is one of the ones that comes with four different styles so you and your squad can all roll together. As…different types of dumplings. Sure, okay, why not. Not sure if I like the one dressed as Ken from Street Fighter or the one with the pan on his head more.

Xbox Bundle Skin (Legendary)

There’s one more secret legendary skin that appears to be part of an Xbox bundle that’s yet to arrive. Hoping it has uh, alternate color options.

Look for these in the store soon enough, possible as soon as today.