CSA Exclusive: These products are most popular for voice search

 voice search

Almost half of consumers have used voice search to search for products in the past month.

According to consumer survey data exclusively provided to Chain Store Age by The Manifest, 48% of respondents have searched for products with a voice-enabled device such as their phone or a smart speaker in the previous 30 days. The most popular product categories for voice search are:

•    Electronics (22%)
•    Clothing (19%)
•    Accessories (e.g., shoes, bags, jewelry, belts) (16%)
•    Business services (16%)
•    Health & beauty products (15%)
•    Books (11%)

In additional published findings, the survey found more than half of voice search users (53%) use it at least once a week. People are more likely to use voice search to search for products, services, and information (60%) than to communicate with other people (20%) or issue commands (20%).

The top three types of information people use voice search to find out include facts such as trivia and term definitions (62%), the weather (46%), and the news (32%).

The survey also found that different age groups use voice search differently: Interestingly, voice search users ages 35 and older (64%) are more likely to use voice search to search for products/services than younger users ages 18-34 (47%). Meanwhile, younger voice search users ages 18-34 are the most likely to use voice search to issue commands (30%), compared to users ages 35 and older (17%).

The Manifest surveyed 501 U.S. residents who use voice search with a voice-enabled device.